Mohamed Hadid My Neighbors Can Shove It ... 'Starship Enterprise' Construction Won't Stop

12/12/2015 12:30 AM PST

Mohamed Hadid: My Neighbors Can Shove It ... 'Starship Enterprise' Construction Won't Stop


Mohamed Hadid couldn't care less he now faces criminal charges over his Bel Air mega-mansion ... he views the case like handling a parking ticket.  

Sources close to Hadid tell us the famous father of Gigi and Bella is laughing off the 3 misdemeanors, which allege he violated the rules by adding 9,000 unauthorized square feet to the 30,000 square foot Bel Air mansion, and then ignored 10 stop work notices from the City of L.A. 

He's not backing down, claiming the city and his neighbors have it all wrong ... what the city considers one house is actually 2 separate mansions, so he has every right to build.

Hadid's neighbors are apoplectic, claiming he's a bully who has no regard for the neighbors and has made their lives hell. He says they're just jealous of his success.  

Our source says Mohamed is already working with erosion prevention specialists to make sure there aren't any landslides on the property when El Nino strikes.  

As TMZ reported ... Mohamed's construction company was charged with 3 criminal building complaints and on Wednesday he was added as a defendant.