Fetty Wap Makes it Rain ... Bar Mitzvah Style!

12/14/2015 11:36 AM PST

Fetty Wap Makes It Rain at a Bar Mitzvah Party

Exclusive Details

Nothing says a Jewish boy's becoming a man like a Fetty Wap performance at his Bar Mitzvah, and a wad full of benjis.

The owners of Baron Tequila, a Kosher tequila brand, paid Fetty $50k to rock the house at Illagio in Queens for their son, David. Fetty, who showed up on crutches -- still recovering from his motorcycle wreck -- rocked the house and gave $1,000 in hundred dollar bills to David so he could "make it rain." 

This is Fetty's 2nd successful collabo with the tribe ... he and Lil Dicky made a hilarious video called "$ave Dat Money" which has already racked up more than  20 million views.

As for how dope this party was -- there were arcade games, a mechanical bull, and sushi made of candy wrapped in fruit roll-ups!

Check out the video where this 13-year-old boy (now a man) sported a hat bigger than his head in honor of Fetty.

Is there a yarmulke in Fetty's future? 

Mazel tov, Fetty!