'Star Wars' Cast Hitches Ride to London on R2-D2

12/16/2015 5:56 AM PST

'Star Wars' -- Cast Hitches Ride to London On R2-D2

The stars of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" blew into London in the belly of R2-D2.

Harrison Ford, J.J. Abrams and crew chartered an ANA 787 Dreamliner jet which was wrapped as the famous robot. 

The cast and crew crossed the Atlantic for the London premiere Wednesday night.

ANA, Japan's biggest airline, designed 3 Star Wars-themed jets ... all of which are in service. 

Lots of hijinx inside the plane ... Chewbacca was creeping, while the flight attendant geeked out.

No word on whether the in-flight movie was "Air Force One," or whether they let Harrison fly.