Sharon Stone Sues You Screwed Up ... My Heated Marble Floors!

12/18/2015 2:16 PM PST

Sharon Stone Sues: You Screwed Up My Heated Marble Floors!


Sharon Stone's going after a construction company for screwing up a major remodel at her Beverly Hills home ... which included some fancy upgrades like heated floors.

Sharon is suing Zuma Canyon Construction -- the general contractor she hired in 2013 to redo her master bedroom, master bathroom, kitchen and powder room. She says the original estimate for the renovation was $225,000. 

In the suit, she says much of the work on her home was royally screwed up. For instance, she says the controls for her heated floor were installed in the shower ... exposing them to water intrusion. More water trouble -- Sharon says there was a puncture in the floor of the shower, which led to leaks.

Besides the alleged shoddy work, Sharon says the contractor didn't even get city permits to do much of it.

She's suing Zuma Canyon Construction and other sub-contractors for unspecified damages. We reached out to ZCC, but no word back.