Paul Nassif Sued By Patient ...Now Let's See Who Blinks!

1/6/2016 5:12 PM PST

Paul Nassif Sued By Patient ... Now Let's See Who Blinks!


Paul Nassif -- the star of the TV show "Botched" where he corrects gnarly plastic surgeries -- is being sued by a patient who says his eyes won't blink after going under the good doctor's knife.

Eric Klein claims he went to Nassif in Sepetmber, 2014, because he was having trouble breathing. He says he went under the knife in November, when Paul performed a rhinoplasty -- a nose job.

Klein says it did not go well. He says his eyelid was not closing properly when he went for the post-op visit and they passed it off as a result of swelling. Time passed and Klein says his condition got worse, so Nassif referred him to some colleagues, who blamed it on a pre-existing condition.

The patient says he finally got to the bottom of it ... he says a medial canthal tendon was displaced during the surgery when Nassif broke his nasal bone.  

Klein alleges Nassif's colleagues tried to cover up the botched nose job to preserve the TV star's reputation.

We reached out to Nassif ... so far no word back.