'Making a Murderer' Help Wanted Ad for Corrupt Cop Jobs

1/9/2016 12:30 AM PST

'Making a Murderer': Help Wanted Ad for Corrupt Cop Jobs


The Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department may not like accusations it framed Steven Avery for murder in Netflix's "Making A Murderer," but that hasn't stopped loads of people from applying to join its ranks.    

Comedian Jason Saenz posted homemade signs along the Sunset Strip soliciting applications for jobs at the Manitowoc Sheriff's Office.  

The positions are obvious fakes -- "Corrupt Officer," "Oblivious Clerk," and "General Douche Bag" -- but that hasn't stopped many of Hollywood's brightest from looking to sign up. Saenz tells us he's received a ton of calls.

Saenz says most callers are in on the joke, but a good chunk thought it was the real deal.

We've posted two of our favorites. Hilarious.