Chuck Avery Steven Is A Liar... I Didn't Murder Anyone!!!

1/6/2016 1:25 PM PST

Chuck Avery: Steven Is A Liar ... I Didn't Murder Anyone!!!


Steven Avery's brother Chuck says it's a scurrilous lie that he murdered Teresa Halbach.

Chuck tells TMZ he was pissed off when Steven filed legal docs in 2009 making the accusation.

As we reported, Steven pointed the guilty finger at his brothers, claiming one of them may well have brutally taken Teresa's life. Steven cited their history of sexually assaulting women, and claimed Chuck had been stalking women who visited the junkyard within a month of the murder. 

And Steven alleged Chuck once attacked his wife and tried strangling her with a phone cord.

Chuck says the accusations on his ex-wife are also BS, although he does not explain why he pled no contest to the assault.

And Chuck says it's ridiculous for Steven to think he wanted to frame him because they were both vying to own the junkyard. Chuck also says he's owned the family business since 1990.

He says if anything he was planning on making Steven a partner in the family biz since Steven was on the verge of winning a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the county for his wrongful conviction.

Despite Steven's attempt to throw him and Earl under the bus, Chuck says the family's moved past it.