Justin Bieber Nearly Run Down In Close Call With Bikers

1/13/2016 5:37 PM PST

Justin Bieber Nearly Run Down After Close Call With Bikers


Justin Bieber could be roadkill right now after a dangerous close call with a pack of cyclists.  

The 16 person group was cruising on PCH in Malibu Wednesday morning when Bieber stepped out in the path of bicyclists ... forcing them to swerve out of the way. 

Sean Weide -- one of the bikers -- says he and his buddies were doing about 25 MPH when the Biebs popped out in the street flailing his arms. They missed him by less than 2 feet. 

Weide says they were all pissed off at first, but when someone recognized it was Justin ... everyone was just happy they didn't kill a celebrity. Tends to wreck the vibe in the middle of a ride. 

As for what the hell Justin was doing? Weide says they were so starstruck -- JB posed for pics with them -- they forgot to ask.