Amber Rose Put 'Kanye's Favorite Finger' ... Up YOUR Butt!!

2/1/2016 12:40 AM PST

Amber Rose: Put 'Kanye's Favorite Finger' Up YOUR Butt


Amber Rose's now famous ass-play tweet at Kanye could turn into a huge cash grab for her if a sex toy company gets its wish., the largest online sex toy distributor, wants Amber's help plugging its prostate massagers. They think Amber would be a perfect fit -- the product's already finger-like -- so they want a mold of her magical digit ... or as they describe it, "Kanye's favorite finger."

The company's CEO, Sextoy Dave, thinks Amber's tweet will "educate many people on the joys of prostate stimulation" -- a silver-ish lining to her beef with Kanye.  

They're offering Amber her own product line and a big percentage of the sales.