Farrah Abraham Fired For Being Too Porny

10/7/2015 8:02 AM PDT

Farrah Abraham Fired For Being Too Porny


No one wants a piece of Farrah Abraham and the proof is in the sales of her DNA ... at least according to a rep for a company that just fired her.  

Celebrity Gene put Farrah's liquified DNA inside a necklace and put it on the market four months ago with part of the proceeds going to charity, but claims NOT ONE PERSON purchased the stuff.

We obtained the scathing letter CG's publicity company, ZTPR, fired off severing ties with the "Backdoor Teen Mom." It says Farrah "would much rather talk about your female body parts in order to generate more profits for yourself" rather than charity.

Translation: Farrah promotes the hell out of sex toys (molded from her body parts), but does nothing to promote the DNA necklace. 

Por ejemplo ... the PR co. couldn't resist referencing this classic from Farrah: "Another one of my absolute favorites is my full on vibrating p***y and ass molded from my very own body." Classy.

Moving forward, CG says it's cutting all ties with Farrah. Instead, ALL future profits will go to the charity she chose, Operation Underground Railroad.

Now if only someone would buy one of these things.