Kanye West Talk About Me It'll Cost You $10 Mil

2/15/2016 1:00 AM PST

Kanye West: Talk About Me ... It'll Cost You $10 Million


Kanye West gave the crew at his Madison Square Garden show 10 million reasons to keep their mouths shut about him and his family.

We've obtained docs which Kanye got his crew to sign, in which they promise not to breathe a word about what they saw or heard about "all members of the Kardashian, Jenner and West families." The guarantee of confidentiality comes with a threat. Any breach would result in a damage claim "not less than ten million dollars." 

As for how long the crew has to zip it ... "the life of artist plus ten years, or fifty years, whichever is longer." 

Collecting is a whole other matter, right?