Rick Ross to Judge I Need Some Island Time, Mon ... Can Ya Hook Me Up?

2/18/2016 12:34 PM PST

Rick Ross to Judge: I Need Some Island Time, Mon ... Can Ya Hook Me Up?


Rick Ross is scheduled to perform in the Caribbean in a couple months, but will definitely be a no-show ... unless he can convince a judge he's not a flight risk.

Ross' attorney Steven Sadow tells TMZ he's laid out their case for why Ross should be allowed to leave for his April gigs on the island of St. Martin, and possibly Europe.

Ross is facing aggravated assault and kidnapping charges for allegedly pistol-whipping a groundskeeper. He's out on $2 million bond, and must get a judge's approval to travel out of the U.S. 

Sadow told the judge if permitted to travel abroad Rick will be accompanied by an attorney who'd hold Rick's passport at all times. Ross also promises IF he does something wrong, he won't fight extradition.

We'll see if the judge signs off on Rick's vacay concerts.