Kanye West Financial Savior Told Go Fund Yourself

2/20/2016 12:10 AM PST

Kanye West's Financial Savior Told ... Go Fund Yourself


Kanye West will not take money from fans who dug deep into their pockets when they heard he was deep in debt.

There's currently $7,000 in a GoFundMe account earmarked for Kanye. Jeremy Piatt, who created the account, tells us he was contacted by GoFundMe a few days ago and told he couldn't touch the money himself ... he needed to contact Kanye's people and only they could access the cash.

Our Kanye sources tell us he will NOT take a penny from the account.

So what to do with the loot? Jeremy says he wants to keep a little bit for himself, but the GoFundMe people tell us he's dreaming ... he's not getting a penny.

As for what happens to the money ... it all goes back to the people who donated it.

Nice try, Jeremy.