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Louis Farrakhan NBA Is Modern Day Slavery ... They Buy Us, Trap Us

2/22/2016 12:56 PM PST

Louis Farrakhan: NBA Is Modern Day Slavery ... They Buy Us, Trap Us


LeBron James is nothing but a modern day slave ... owned by the white man -- in a system designed to chew him up and spit him out ... so says Louis Farrakhan

The leader of the Nation of Islam was speaking at a Saviours' Day event in Detroit when he warned community leaders to NOT put up basketball courts in the community. 

"Please don’t put up another basketball court thinking that you're giving back to the black community ... basketball courts are a training ground for a basketball plantation."

Farrakhan compared the NBA Draft -- and other pro sports -- of participating in a system not unlike the slavery auction block. 

"We got bought and sold just like that ... and that's what you do in sports."

"You run up and down the field, you show them how swift you are, how clever you are. And they’re sitting there watching you, timing you ... that’s a good one, I’ll get him, I’m drafting him."

Farrakhan also addresses the counterargument -- that they're paid millions of dollars -- saying it's an unfair system because the athletes getting paid have no training when it comes to handling money and are easily exploited by predators. 

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