Salma Hayek's Brother Sues Ford Supercar Failed Me ... Caused Fatal Accident

2/23/2016 7:58 AM PST

Salma Hayek's Brother Sues: Ford Supercar Failed Me ... Caused Fatal Accident


Salma Hayek's brother is gunning for Ford, claiming the company's supercar turned into a deathtrap when a mechanical failure caused his fatal car wreck on Sunset Boulevard. 

Sami Hayek Jimenez filed a lawsuit against Ford for the February 2014 accident, saying the 2005 Ford GT --owned by Salma and her husband -- suffered a "catastrophic failure." He claims the transaxle malfunction transferred too much power to one of the rear wheels, and sent the powerful sportscar hurtling into oncoming traffic. 

A pickup truck smashed into the passenger door ... killing Hayek's friend, Ian Sala De Cuttler. Hayek says he also suffered severe injuries.

In the suit, Hayek says Ford was aware of the "need to issue a recall" because similar incidents had been reported.