Kris Jenner Take a Memo ... No More Emailing or Texting for Me

2/25/2016 12:56 PM PST

Kris Jenner: Take a Memo ... No Emailing or Texting for Me

Exclusive Details

Sound the alarm ... Kardashian Inc's head honcho Kris Jenner is out of the email game after having a crippling corrective surgery.

Kris excitedly posted a shot of Chrissy Teigen's new cookbook, but included her heavily bandaged right hand in the pic. Sources connected to the momager tell us she had surgery yesterday for a bone spur on her middle finger.

We're told the injury means she's on the shelf when it comes to emailing or texting -- a huge deal for her, considering how many careers she's managing. But Kris isn't out of the game completely ... one of her assistants will just be doing a ton of dictation.

And she can still flip someone off ... with her left.