Oscars Girl Scout Skit $65k Not Raised ... Scouts Honor

2/29/2016 2:48 PM PST

Oscars Girl Scout Skit: $65k Not Raised ... Scouts Honor


Chris Rock made it look like his battle cry raised a fortune for the Girl Scouts ... sadly, it did not.

A Girl Scout rep tells us they sold around 500 boxes of cookies at $5 a pop. That comes to $2,500 ... far short of the Oscar tote board revealing a grand total of $65,243. 

A rep for the Scouts tells us the $65k number was just a joke ... for the skit.

It's possible some of the audience members ordered boxes that would be delivered at a future date.

And it looked like the beneficiaries of the loot were the troop in which his daughters -- Lola and Zahra -- are members. Turns out the money is going to a different troop ... the one based in Inglewood, CA. His daughters are members of a New York-based Girl Scouts troop.

Nonetheless ... still a good night's work for the Girl Scouts.