Cesar Millan The Pig's Okay ... Now It Walks the Dog

3/11/2016 6:41 AM PST

Cesar Millan: The Pig's Okay ... Now It Walks the Dog

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Cesar Millan insists the pig that was bitten by an over aggressive dog during a training session ... is totally fine now, and video from his show proves it.

TMZ broke the story ... Animal Control went to Cesar's training center to investigate an incident shown on "Cesar 911." He was trying to train a French bulldog with a penchant for attacking its owner's pot-bellied pigs -- but the dog ended up biting a pig's ear

Nat Geo, which airs the show, says Cesar created a "safe and controlled environment" to rehabilitate aggressive dogs. It stresses he took precautions before "making initial corrections and removing the leash." And although the dog attacked it says the pig was tended to immediately, healed and showed "no lasting signs of distress."

Video shows Cesar putting the dog and the pig back together the next day ... and the pig actually walks its attacker.

It's unclear if the clip is enough to clear Cesar from animal cruelty charges, but Nat Geo seems to be saying ... since the dog was cured, the end justifies the means.