Rolls-Royce vs. Royce Rizzy Car Co. Wins Name Game ... Rapper Can't Roll

3/15/2016 10:28 AM PDT

Rolls-Royce vs. Royce Rizzy: Car Co. Wins Name Game ... Rapper Can't Roll


Big news for Rolls Royce Rizzy ... his name change is now official after a judge ruled in favor of Rolls-Royce in its war over the ritzy handle. 

The rapper can no longer go by Rolls Royce Rizzy, and can't use the company's RR logo in connection with his music or music videos. The luxe car company sued the rapper in January 2015 for trademark infringement. 

After the suit was filed ... R³ preemptively toned it down to just Royce Rizzy and wiped the Rolls-Royce title and logo from his website, social media and advertising.