Tyga Real Men Wear Pink ... In Their Mouths

3/17/2016 12:20 AM PDT

Tyga: Real Men Wear Pink ... In Their Mouths


That shine coming out of Tyga's mouth is basically a brand new Chevy Impala -- that's how much dough he dropped to customize his new grill.

We found out T-Raw picked up his 18 karat diamond and rose gold grill from Johnny Dang & Co. earlier this week and spent $35k in the process. 

Tyga is no stranger to mouthpieces -- this being his 5th grill commissioned by Johnny -- and if you remember he made a very similar purchase for Kylie Jenner last month around Valentine's day.  

Luckily, he paid in full ... wouldn't want any repo companies waiting outside his dentist's office.