Kylie Jenner I Got Grilled Good by Tyga

2/19/2016 12:30 AM PST

Kylie Jenner: I Got Grilled Good By Tyga


We now know how Kylie Jenner got her new grill ... it was a ridiculously expensive present from her boyfriend.

We found out Tyga dropped $15,000 at Johnny Dang & Co. for the 18k gold mouthpiece. All of the diamonds are invisibly set. 

Turns out Johnny Dang is in high demand ... Big Sean, Travis Scott, Katy Perry and a bunch of other celebs have used his company to bling out their mouths. 

It looks like the grill was a Valentine's Day present, though we can't be certain. Whatever the occasion, now she has a grill, a bunch of PUMAs and the right to rock Adidas