Director Rian Johnson Sued for 'Darth Vader' Conduct Over 'Star Wars'

3/18/2016 5:47 PM PDT

Director Rian Johnson: Sued By Ex-Agent ... I Want My 'Star Wars' Money!

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Rian Johnson is as cold-blooded as Boba Fett ... so claims his ex-agent who says the director axed him right before he signed on to direct "Star Wars: Episode VIII" ... just to dodge the bill.

Brian Dreyfuss claims in a new lawsuit he took on Johnson as a client before the guy ever directed a single film ... even getting his own dad to invest in Johnson's debut flick, "Brick."

Dreyfuss claims his deal with Johnson called for him to get 10% of any project he helped Johnson land. 

According to the suit, Kathleen Kennedy from Lucasfilm hit up Dreyfuss in January 2014 to gauge Johnson's interest in working together. Dreyfuss says Johnson declined the meeting.

Two months later, Dreyfuss claims Johnson fired him out of the blue. In August of 2014 ... Johnson announced he was writing and directing 'Episode VIII.'

Dreyfuss is suing Johnson for the 10% he believes he's owed for 'Star Wars.'

We reached out to Johnson, so far ... no word back.