Viral Fire Crotch Dancer My Vagina Survived! But My Thighs Got Scorched

3/23/2016 8:00 PM PDT

Viral Fire Crotch Dancer: My Vagina Survived! ... But My Thighs Got Scorched


The dancer who went viral this week for lighting her crotch on fire says her lady parts are A-OK!

Fire Gyal Flexi -- a competitor in a Dancehall contest -- tells us the incendiary moment was accidental. Her plan was to put rubbing alcohol on her crotch, which she would lite and then immediately smother the flames.

Problem was ... she applied way too much alcohol, and she became a human torch.

Flexi is a little lighter Wednesday -- literally and figuratively -- she suffered 1st degree burns and lost layers of skin, but pressed on and won the dance competition, scoring a trophy and $500 prize.

She'll now go on to the international contest in Jamaica. Hopefully, TSA will confiscate the rubbing alcohol.