'Say Yes to the Dress' Bride Producers Are Trying to Ruin My Wedding

3/23/2016 2:50 PM PDT

'Say Yes to the Dress' Bride: Producers Are Trying to Ruin My Wedding


A blushing bride-to-be is beet red with anger because she says the TV show "Say Yes to the Dress" is about to spoil the biggest reveal in a girl's wedding.

Alexandra Godino claims she moseyed into Kleinfeld -- the bridal shop where the show is shot -- back in September. She says producers approached her and asked if she wanted to appear on the show, because apparently the bride who was scheduled flaked out.  

Ali said 'yes' to the show with one proviso ... the show couldn't be broadcast before her May, 2016 wedding. Her reason ... she wanted to preserve the surprise for her hubby.

Much to her horror, she recently learned the program is scheduled to air this Friday. She says she begged producers to back down and honor her oral request, but they told her to pound sand.

So Godino has filed legal docs asking a judge for an injunction, prohibiting the airing of the show until after the nuptials.