Coachella Resell Our Backstage Passes ... Get Sued!

4/13/2016 4:49 PM PDT

Coachella Sues Over Resell of Backstage Passes


Coachella is gunning for anyone who bought a VIP pass to rub elbows with the likes of Axl Rose or Slash ... because it might be illegal and the cause of a lawsuit.

Goldenvoice, the company that puts on the fest, filed a lawsuit Wednesday against events company Particle, and its owner Denise Kozlowski, for deceiving people it was authorized to peddle a package including a VIP, guest, or artist pass.

Coachella says it's the only one who can sell tickets for the fest -- and it can't have third parties scalping those tickets because it creates a huge safety risk for performers.

They're suing to shut down Particle's sale of Coachella passes, and for any profits it's already made from the ticket packages.