Coachella Sues We're Not Good with the Hood

1/29/2016 7:26 AM PST

Coachella Sues: You Can't Take Coachella Into The Hood!


The folks behind Coachella have issues with the hood ... which is why they're going to court to gripe about an urban version of the festival.

Hoodchella is set to go down in April in the City of Angels. It's being advertised as a 2-day festival featuring a bunch of DJs.

Coachella has certainly made a name for itself since it launched 17 years ago, and the people behind it say they own the name and changing a few letters isn't going to fly. 

Here's what's strange. This marks the SECOND annual Hoodchella, and it doesn't appear the Coachella people objected the first time around.

But under the category "Better Late than Never," they've filed legal docs demanding that the folks behind Hoodchella change the name.

At least the hood version is a lot cheaper ... tickets are $20 a pop, compared to Coachella's $399 3-day pass, if you can find one.