Donald Trump Secret Video Key in Decision Not to Prosecute Campaign Chief

4/14/2016 10:29 AM PDT

Secret Video Key in Decision Not to Prosecute Donald Trump's Campaign Chief


Donald Trump's campaign manager will not be prosecuted for pushing a reporter because of an unreleased video shot prior to the incident showing the reporter in question crossing the line.

Sources connected to prosecutors handling the Corey Lewandowski case tell TMZ, the Trump organization gave the Florida State Attorney's Office a video shot shortly before Lewandowski grabbed Michelle Fields at a Trump rally.

We're told the video shows a Secret Service agent telling Fields she was standing in a secured area where she was not supposed to be. The agent directed her to the area where the media had congregated. We're told the video shows Fields walking to the media area, rummaging through her purse, and as soon as the agent turned his back she went back to the secured area.  

We're told there's a second reason the state's attorney will not pursue the case. Trump's people gave prosecutors a sworn affidavit from Barton Brown, the special agent in charge of former Attorney General Eric Holder's security. We're told Brown says he reviewed the video and believes all of the actions -- including those of Lewandowski's -- were consistent with what should happen during such a scenario.

Lewandowski was charged with misdemeanor battery last month, but the case will not be prosecuted.