Minnie Driver Sued She's Blasting My House With Baby Food Jars Full of ...

5/9/2016 3:06 PM PDT

Minnie Driver Sued: She's Blasting My House with Baby Food Jars Full of ...


Minnie Driver's wreaking havoc on her neighbor by chucking baby food jars filled with black paint against his walls ... according to a new lawsuit.

In the docs, Daniel Perelmutter says Driver's made it impossible for him to finish construction on his home, and her obscenity-laced tirades are stressing him out -- a serious issue, since he says he's had a heart transplant.

Daniel's asking the court to remove the electronic gate he used to share with Minnie because she's cut off his access. He also says she's thrown construction materials on his property and blocked in his workers for up to 8 hours -- not to mention those baby food paint grenades.  

These 2 have been warring for years -- but now he wants a judge to stop her from blocking his construction.