Courtney Stodden's Husband Yeah, I'm the Daddy! I Have Strong Swimmers

5/18/2016 9:04 AM PDT

Doug Hutchison: Yeah, Courtney's Baby's Mine ... I Have Strong Swimmers


Doug Hutchison has no doubt the bun in Courtney Stodden's oven is 100% his, because he insists he's the only one bangin' her. 

Doug tells TMZ he's well aware many people are wondering who knocked up Courtney -- but he has a very direct message for the doubters: "Trust me: my spermatoza are the only swimmers surfing up that stream. Aloha!"


This will be the first child for 55-year-old Doug ... same goes for 21-year-old Stodden.

No word if ice cream was present during the spawning.