Nick Carter Drops $50k On Steampunk Nursery

6/13/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Nick Carter Drops $50k On Steampunk Nursery


Nick Carter's firstborn son put a $50k dent in his pop's pockets before the tot could even crawl.

Nick's son, Odin, was born April 19th, and the Backstreet Boy and wife Lauren went all out on Odin's naptime digs by hiring celeb designer Stephanie Avila from Rock a Bye Mommy to build the nursery while Tori Swaim from New Arrivals, Inc. hooked up the baby bedding.

The hefty price included construction and furniture ... and these ain't discount items. The crib was $700, $1,200 for sconces, a $550 lamp and a $2,500 couch. 

We're told Lauren and Nick loved the steampunk wallpaper, and decided to run with the industrial motif for the whole room.

Check out the pics of the decor ... which guarantees little Odin's a lock for Burning Man come 2034.