'Wolf of Wall Street' Broker Hey Leo, Quit Dodging My Lawyers!!!

6/13/2016 11:07 AM PDT

'Wolf of Wall Street' Broker: Hey Leo, Quit Dodging My Lawyers


Leonardo DiCaprio's too busy jet-setting around the world to sit for a deposition ... at least according to the guy suing Martin Scorsese and Paramount for his portrayal in "The Wolf of Wall Street," -- and now he wants a judge to tell Leo he's gotta show up to get grilled.

According to legal docs, Andrew Greene, an ex-business partner of Jordan Belfort -- the real 'Wolf' -- says he'll fly to L.A. to meet with Leo if that's what the actor needs.

According to the letter, the studio's lawyers claim Leo's got a busy schedule and instead they've offered another witness -- an executive from the actor's production company.

Andrew's lawyers say that won't cut it, saying they've already deposed Scorsese, and the movie's screenwriter, Terence Winter. Now they want Leo.

Andrew's suing for $25 million after claiming the movie destroyed his rep. He wants the court to take up the matter when the two sides meet Thursday.