Snapchat Sued Kids Should Not Be Exposed to 'Fingering People'

7/7/2016 10:04 AM PDT

Snapchat Sued: Kids Should Not Be Exposed to 'Fingering People'


1:45 PM PT -- A rep for Snapchat tells us, "We are sorry if people were offended," adding, "Our Discover partners have editorial independence, which is something that we support."A bunch of kids are suing Snapchat for allegedly corrupting them with sexually explicit content.

Famed attorney Mark Geragos has just filed a lawsuit against the social media giant, claiming its new feature, Snapchat Discover -- which curates posts from various media outlets -- has become a haven for raunchy topics.

Geragos gives examples:

-- 10 Things He Thinks When He Can't Make You Orgasm

-- I Got High, Blown, and Robbed When I Was a Pizza Delivery Guy

-- 23 Pictures That Are Too Real If You've Ever Had Sex with a Penis (the Buzzfeed post features Disney characters with pornographic captions)

-- What It Is Really Like to Let People Finger You in Public  

The class action suit, on behalf of the minors, seeks a $50k penalty for each violation of the Communications Decency Act, and an order forcing Snapchat to warn parents and minors of graphic content.