Yung Joc Cops Shoot Down His Claim ... We Aim to Tase

7/18/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Yung Joc: Cops Shoot Down His Claim ... We Aim to Tase

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Cops in Georgia are refuting Yung Joc's claim whites get tased and blacks get shot.   

The Union City Police Department defended its tactics after the rapper voiced frustration about seeing cops tase a white man on Wednesday as he attempted to flee from court.

Joc says if it had been him, cops would have pulled their guns instead -- but the cops take offense to the rapper's comment. A spokesperson tells us, “We are a proactive police department and we are working with the community to build a better relationship with the citizens and specifically with the African American community."

Translation: Stop trying to make us look bad, Yung Joc.

One law enforcement source tells us UCPD is confident it followed protocol in the taser incident and insists officers would have done the same for any other suspect, regardless of race.