Lil Wayne Pissed After Swatting Call 'I'm Tired of This ****, Take Me To Jail'

9/7/2016 12:52 PM PDT

Lil Wayne Pissed After Swatting Call

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Lil Wayne got a rude awakening from cops inside his home, and went from calm to furious very quickly when he realized what was happening -- an apparent swatting call.

We've learned Miami Beach police responded to a call last week of an unknown male shot and bleeding at Wayne's home. When cops arrived, they entered through an unlocked garage door and found Wayne sleeping at 2:53 PM.

According to police docs ... Weezy was initially cooperative and even gave cops permission for a K-9 unit to search the home. But just moments later ... cops say he got pissed and screamed, "I'm tired of this s*** ... take me to jail."

Cops say they cuffed the rapper, but when they didn't find a victim they let him go. We're told Wayne calmed down and told officers he understood they were doing their job.

The same thing happened to Wayne last year, when cops got a report someone had shot 4 people inside the house. Again ... it was a hoax.