Meek Mill Calls Game a Gay Ex-Stripper on Diss Track Laced with Homophobic Slurs

9/19/2016 6:31 AM PDT

Meek Mill Calls The Game a Gay Ex-Stripper on Diss Track


Meek Mill just dropped his diss track response to The Game, and his theme is clear -- Game is an ex-stripper and a total fraud when it comes to being a Compton gangsta.

The track, "Ooouuu," is a blistering attack -- which also features Beanie Sigel -- on Game's status in Compton and his claim that Nicki Minaj wants to bang him. Lyrics like, "Strippers turned rappers look what we come to ... You a f*****, my lady'll never f*** you" ... are just a taste.

One homophobic slur is dropped repeatedly, along with "trigger finger" threats.

Listen ... there's a ton more, including Game being a fake Blood, and Meek rapping that Game's hometown of Compton doesn't really have his back.

The track comes on the heels of Game saying Meek can't fight and "ain't gonna shoot s***!"

So this beef just got amped way up.