Tyler Shields Burns $15k Louis Vuitton Trunk Just for the Art of It

9/19/2016 12:05 AM PDT

Tyler Shields Burns Louis Vuitton Trunk for Art


Tyler Shields makes money by burning tons of it to create his art ... and a rare Louis Vuitton trunk is his latest victim.

The shock photographer nailed the final shot in his "Provocateur" series when he set fire to the trunk valued at $15,000. While millions of women would cry at the sight ... Shields calmly took pictures of the event.

Shields has also destroyed a Birkin bag and a vintage Rolls-Royce in the name of his art.

You can pre-order Tyler's latest artwork book which features celebs like Emma Roberts, Colton Haynes, Marilyn Manson and Lydia Hearst -- none of whom are on fire ... we're guessing.