The Game & Meek Mill No Snitching in Sean Kingston Case

9/20/2016 12:50 AM PDT

No Snitching Happened Between The Game & Meek Mill


The Game and Meek Mill are going to war over snitching that never happened, as far as cops are concerned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... detectives investigating Sean Kingston's chain robbery never heard a peep about Game or Meek after the $300k heist went down in an L.A. club.

Game insists cops knocked on his door and spoke to him about the robbery, but our sources are certain no such visit ever happened. We're told the case stalled, and was ultimately closed when Sean refused to return cops' calls.

As for how Game got dragged into this -- our Kingston sources tell us Sean's mom assumed Game was behind the heist simply because he was in the VIP section along with Sean. She called out Game on social media the day after the alleged incident -- "All witness[es] saw your people sucker punch a n**** and robbed him."

As we've reported, Game is convinced Meek lied to Sean's people, telling them Game was behind the chain job.