'Hell's Kitchen' Star Sues Former Employer ... You Bled Me Dry!!!

10/3/2016 9:24 AM PDT

'Hell's Kitchen' Star Sues Former Employer


A "Hell's Kitchen" star says she soiled her pants from menstruation when she couldn't catch a restroom break, and now she's suing a former employer for violating her rights and eventually firing her.

Vanessa Soltero, who appeared in season 15, says she was a cook at the LAX Admirals Club -- where food services are provided by Sodexo Inc -- and says her former employers did a horrendous job of giving her rest/meal breaks.

According to the docs ... Soltero told a supervisor she needed a break, but was told she couldn't leave cause she was the only cook. While waiting for relief, she says her cup ranneth over and she HAD to go home to clean up -- and because she left early, she wasn't paid.

About a year later ... Soltero says she was granted a leave of absence to appear on "Hell's Kitchen." When she asked to be reinstated, she says management told her the position had been 86'd.

Soltero's suing Sodexo for wrongful termination and violating labor codes. A rep for the company says they don't comment on ongoing lawsuits.