Tori Spelling vs. AMEX She Got FICO'd Up ... Suffers $39k Defeat

10/3/2016 12:15 AM PDT

Tori Spelling Suffers $39k Defeat in AMEX Lawsuit


Tori Spelling's got a huge American Express bill to pay and the due date is right now.

Tori's been ordered to buck up her full past due balance of $37,981.97, plus an extra $855 in court costs ... according to new legal docs.

We broke the story ... AMEX sued Tori in January for racking up the debt and failing to pay for months. She's allegedly done nothing since then to remedy the situation -- so the judge issued a default judgment, which looks great on paper for AMEX. Collecting's a whole other sitch.

There goes Tori's credit rating.