Azealia Banks Russell Won't Apologize So She Goes to Cops

10/17/2016 10:21 AM PDT

Azealia Banks Went to Cops Because Russell Crowe Won't Apologize


The Russell Crowe-Azealia Banks feud is now in the hands of police after the rapper filed a battery report over their fight in his hotel suite.

Sources connected to the case tell us ... Azealia went to Bev Hills PD Sunday afternoon after demanding Russell apologize for the incident, where he physically removed her from the room. We're told Crowe's reps said he wouldn't say sorry, because he insists he did nothing wrong.

TMZ broke the story ... Azealia allegedly made bloody threats during Crowe's dinner party. He bear-hugged her out of the room when Azealia grabbed a glass and cocked it back.

She claims he also choked her, spat on her and used the n-word while 86ing her from the party.