Oakland Rave Fire Commune Leader Whines About Losing Stuff ... Internet Lashing Out

12/4/2016 7:50 AM PST

Oakland Art Commune Leader Whines About Losing Stuff in Deadly Warehouse Fire

Exclusive Details

The new wave of outrage in Oakland's tragic warehouse fire is against Derick Ion -- the guy who ran the art commune that turned into a death trap ... and TMZ has learned he's already had legal troubles.

Ion wrote a Facebook post saying the the fire -- which most likely killed more than 50 people -- has left him "standing now in poverty of self worth." He was grateful his wife and kids were safe, but his focus seemed to be mostly on losing stuff he "worked so hard for"... and now he's getting blasted.

Just a taste of the responses: "What a disgusting piece of s***!" ... "I hope you get charged with manslaughter" ... and "There is a special place in Hell for people like you!!!!!!!"

Ion organized the artists working in the building which was known as the Ghost Ship Collective.

We did some digging, and according to Alameda County court records ... Ion's currently on probation for receiving stolen property. He plead guilty to the misdemeanor in January, and got sentenced to 36 months probation. 

The sheriff's department has said criminal charges for the fire are possible, but no suspects have been named yet.