Rande Gerber Vamanos a Mexico ... Casamigos Chicos y Chicas!

12/13/2016 8:41 AM PST

Rande Gerber Flies Casamigos Staff to Mexico, Feliz Navidad!


Rande Gerber and George Clooney just locked up their Boss of The Year awards with a booze-filled trip to Mexico for their Casamigos employees. 

The tequila jefes flew about 50 staffers down south for the company's holiday party at El Dorado Royale resort in Cabo. George couldn't make it due to his side gig -- filming a movie -- but looks like Rande and co-owner Mike Meldman more than held down the fort.

It wasn't all fun and games on the beach though. They also had to board the Casamigos yacht.

No, we don't know where you apply.