'Rogue One' Star Diego Luna Rebel Goes Rogue Disses Paps, Loves Fans

12/16/2016 6:47 AM PST

'Rogue One' Star Diego Luna Ignores Paparazzi to Sign Autographs

Diego Luna must think the paparazzi are with the Empire, and fans are his fellow rebels ... because he was slow to answer but quick on the draw -- with his pen.

We got the 'Rogue One' actor, who plays Rebel leader Captain Cassian Andor, at LAX Thursday where he got swarmed by an army of clones -- "Star Wars" fanboys -- who all wanted an autograph from the franchise's latest star.

Our photog tries asking some legit questions about Hispanics in Hollywood ... but Diego resists and sticks to signing off for his admirers.

The Force is strong with this one.