Steve Harvey U Can't Escrew Me!! I Never Closed On That Jet

12/18/2016 12:20 AM PST

Steve Harvey Wins Back Big Money in Jet Lawsuit


Steve Harvey is getting A LOT of money back for a jet he says he never leased -- all because the company accused of holding his cash hostage never responded to a lawsuit.

Steve filed suit against Oklahoma based Federal Aviation Title Company, claiming he gave them $250k to hold in escrow for a private jet he was trying to lease -- but when the deal went south, he never got a refund.

He says FATC wouldn't pony up the dough because the owners of the jet sued Steve -- putting everything on hold. But Steve says he settled the lawsuit, so FATC needed to hand over the money ... hence the lawsuit.

Steve got a default judgment -- FATC never replied to the suit, and has now been ordered to pay him back, in full.

The only downside for Steve -- not owning a jet.