Stevie J I've Got DNA Results ... I'm the Father!!!

12/19/2016 8:03 AM PST

Stevie J's DNA Test Proves He's the Father


Stevie J did it without Maury Povich, unfortunately, and he's confirmed he IS the father of the baby Joseline Hernandez is squeezing out within the next month.

Stevie's DNA test result showed he indeed did the deed -- according to new docs he filed -- and now that he KNOWS, he's asking for visitation rights ... but also for primary physical custody. Doesn't make sense, but maybe he's covering all his bases.

Joseline's due Jan. 9, and in the docs he says he absolutely wants to be in the delivery room. 

Stevie's repeating his request for Joseline to be drug tested because he claims she's abused drugs and alcohol throughout her pregnancy, and fears it's effected the fetus. He wants the infant drug tested within 24 hours of birth.

The docs include a text message he says came from Joseline -- "You will never see your daughter f*** n****."

This is NOT going to be a smooth birth -- no matter what happens in the delivery room.