CNN's Angela Rye TSA Agent Went All the Way to 'My Labia'

12/21/2016 1:30 PM PST

CNN Commentator Angela Rye Blasts TSA Agent for Touching 'My Labia'


CNN'S political commentator Angela Rye has major beef with TSA after a pat down she says went way over the line of decency, and might even be criminal.

Angela came on "TMZ Live" to explain why she ended up in tears after the incident in the Detroit airport, telling us the agent did much more than the "backhanded pat down" she was supposed to do. Angela insists the female agent touched her genitals ... multiple times.

Video of the incident -- recorded by a police officer -- shows Angela recoil when the agent appeared to go up her dress. It's clear she was very upset at the end.

For its part, TSA says its investigating to make sure protocol was followed.