Dani Mathers Please Prosecutors, Don't Ruin My Life I'll Be a Good Girl ... Promise

12/21/2016 11:10 AM PST

Dani Mathers Worries Conviction Will Ruin Her Real Estate Career


Dani Mathers is facing way more than a conviction for invasion of privacy for secretly snapping a pic of an elderly woman at a gym ... it could ruin what she believes is a promising real estate career.

Dani's lawyer is in court right now, trying to strike a deal with prosecutors so she doesn't have a conviction on her record. We've learned attorney Tom Mesereau just told prosecutors his client will do a full mea culpa ... apologizing to the victim, undergoing counseling and even taking an anti-bullying course.

Here's the immediate problem for Mathers. She's been working on getting a real estate license and worries the California Bureau of Real Estate will reject her application if she has a record.

Mesereau has told prosecutors his client will go even further ... going to schools and talking about bullying and how it impacts people. 

As you know ... Mathers not only posted the pic, she body shamed the woman with the caption, "If I can't unsee this then you can't either."

We're told her lawyer feels prosecutors are out for a pound of flesh just to appease the public. As for whether Mesereau will get his way, all we can say is this -- he got Michael Jackson and Robert Blake off.