O.T. Genasis This Soulja & Chris Beef Is Some Real 'Street S***' Now!

1/4/2017 6:50 AM PST

O.T. Genasis Says Soulja Boy and Chris Brown's Beef Belongs to the Streets


Soulja Boy and Chris Brown's feud is going beyond fake-ass Twitter beef and hittin' the streets ... according to O.T. Genasis, and it sounds like that could mean real violence.

We got the "CoCo" rapper out Tuesday night at 1 OAK in L.A., and he says the hate between Breezy and Soulja is very real. He never uses the word "gang," but the insinuation is clear. 

You can tell O.T. was pretty turnt -- even before he admitted it -- but his insight seems on point, based on what went down with Soulja in Compton Tuesday evening