In-N-Out Burger Can't Take Us to the Cleaners ... That's Our Logo!!

2/7/2017 3:49 PM PST

In-N-Out Burger Won't Get Taken to the Cleaners Over Famous Logo (PHOTOS)


In-N-Out Burger is accusing a dry cleaner of pulling a double-double of sorts -- blatantly ripping off its famous logo.

The burger joint is suing In-N-Out Cleaners in Wichita, and one look at their signs makes it pretty obvious why. Other than the clever use of a clothes hanger, seems pretty dead-on to the naked eye.

In-N-Out Burger says angry consumers ratted out the dry cleaner on Facebook. According to the docs, one hungry customer thought In-N-Out was finally in town ... only to be disappointed.

This should be settled faster than it takes to throw down animal style fries and a Neopolitan shake.