DJ Khaled Major Lawsuit Alert ... Over 'I Got the Keys'

2/9/2017 4:29 PM PST

DJ Khaled Gets Major Lawsuit Alert Over 'I Got the Keys'


DJ Khaled's hit track with Jay Z and Future features stolen property ... according to a producer who's suing over beats in "I Got the Keys."

Chris Hill says he produced a beat in March 2008 which appeared on "Chris Hill Beats (Gangsta Boogie Vol 2)." He says he met Khaled in October 2008 at an Atlanta nightclub, and handed him a CD.

Hill says he never heard a peep from Khaled -- then lo and behold, 8 years later, 'Keys' dropped. In the lawsuit, Hill says he immediately recognized his handiwork. He notes just how popular Khaled's track has become -- more than 79 million YouTube views.

He's suing Khaled -- not Future or Jay -- as well as Sony Music and various producers for a cut of their immense profits.